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A Family Friendly social club

Where everyone is treated like family

About our club


We are located on the north side of Corunna Rd between Moorish and Elms. There is a gate that you'll need your code to get in (Members) or, if you are just visiting you'll need to be open already. Do NOT try to go around the gate!


At the end of the long driveway is a parking areas. Please be considerate of other people when parking here. There is also a pavilion where you can 'chew the fat' or watch the goings on under cover. We also have a portapotty around behind the pavilion.

What we fly

Our club members fly and welcome pretty much anything. We typically see electric aircraft (Both Planes and Helicopters), Nitro and Gas powered aircraft and have even had genuine Jet powered aircraft.


The biggest complaint we have had in the past is noise. We are surrounded by houses with more being built all the time. Please ensure your engines have effective mufflers and do not fly near or around other properties.